30 Before 30 bucket list


I decided that I wanted to a create my own list of thirty unique things I would like to accomplish before I hit 30 years-old. This is a way of putting all your short term(depending on your age) and long term goals out in the open. Imagine how this could aid in your overall life goals for yourself. The purpose to is allow individuals to focus on themselves and what they would like to improve about themselves as well as achieve before a certain time period. Honestly, making a list always helped me so I would highly recommend this to anyone.

1. Pass the bar

2. Become a vegetarian (except for fish)

3. Go back to Haiti, where I was born, to visit

4. Learn to speak Spanish

5. Save up to 10k

6. Finish paying off my vehicle

7. Complete College with a 3.8

8. Volunteer for 100 hours in a year

9. Ride an elephant

10. Get over my fear of rollercoasters

11. Go skydiving

12. Deep sea fishing

13. Write a novel

14. Experience speed dating

15. Sample Syrian cuisine

16. Finish Game of Thrones

17. Write a children’s book

18. Have children

19. Go surfing

20. Learn to play an instrument

21. Become a mentor

22. Go to Africa

23. Create a photo album

24. Go skiing

25. Take a glass blowing course

26. Purchase a home

27. Go to a cooking class

28. Visit Italy

29. Become more optimistic

30. Swin in the Great Barrier Reef

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