My Top 3 Lip Must Haves

I have a special place in my heart for many lip products. I have semi- big lips so, I’m constantly dressing them up. I have tried many different types of products and continuing to explore. There are three in particular that I can’t seem to run out the house without.

1. Kat Von D; Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ($20)

This liquid lipstick is excellent. It is long time wear and complete coverage.  This lipstick stays on for an amazing length of time. There are 28 colors for any look. My go to color is Rich Magenta. IT can be purchased in Sephora or you can order it online(like me).

2. Sephora; Ultra Shine Lip Gel ($12)

Sephora really outdid themselves with this Lip Gel. It is super smooth without any sticky residue when you put your lips together. This collection consists of 34 different shades. My favorite shade is Pin Up Pink which is the color on top of all the others. It comes out glossy and has a glamorous finish.

3. Mary Kay; Satin Lips Set ($22)

This set will have your lips feeling brand new. The exfoliating scrub will gently remove any dead skin cells from your lips. Both of the bottles are made with Shea Butter. The lip balm is packaged with it to nourish the lips after leaving them moisturized and soft.

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