5 topics you should avoid on the 1st date

datingThe first date is a very critical moment in the beginning stages of dating. At this point, all nerves may be at an all time high because no one truly knows what to really expect during those moments. It is already hard enough trying to figure out what to wear and being on time so I have created a list of 5 topics that everyone should avoid on the 1st date:

  1. Religion – This is a big NO on the first date since you both are just starting to get comfortable around each other and religion is not the preferred topic to break the ice. Everyone’s beliefs are different and you should be. If it comes up in the conversation it’s okay to be open and explain yours but attempt to tread lightly on the topic.
  2. Sex – This is a very touchy subject during this time. If the guy asks its gonna seem like that’s all he wants and if you ask its gonna be perceived as promiscuous. If sex is going to happen on the first date, my best suggestion would be to let it happen naturally. Don’t attempt to talk it into existence because you may not get the reaction intended.
  3. Children – Please understand that if an individual currently HAS children it should be mentioned since that is a major part of their life. I am referring to the view of wanting children in the future. There are a few who are focused entirely on having a family while others don’t feel as fond of the idea. Whether your date wants children or not at this particular moment could create an awkward atmosphere if both of you aren’t headed in the same direction. This would be a conversation after a few more dates and cocktails.
  4. Past Relationships – Of course, everyone wants to know why their date is single in the first place. I recommend no topics of past relationships because the conversation could take a completely negative turn. It could be possible that your partner is still sexually involved, living with, or interested in their ex-partner. I’m sure it seems foolish since that individual is currently on a date with you but the goal of a first date is keep an open mind since no one knows what to expect. Avoid topics of past relationships and breakups and keep it focused on getting to know each other’s likes, dislikes, and goals for the future.
  5. Money/Finance – Money is a very difficult topic to discuss even with partners who have been together for years. Some people consider money to be a very important topic while others feel as chemistry should be the main factor of dating. It all depends on the individual. It is a great idea to ask what your date does for a living since it will give you a bit of intellect about them and their interests. However, it is a bad idea to question pay scale or salary on the first date. This is another HUGE no in the world of dating.

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