Canal Cruise is a MUST in Amsterdam.

I’m sorry but the most delightful experience I had while in Amsterdam would have to be the Canal Cruise tour. Although the Anne Frank Museum was breathtaking, there is something about the tranquility one experiences during the cruise. The cruise company my sister scheduled with may have been a bit costly ($120-180$ per person) but the four-course meal that was provided throughout the adventure made it all seem worth every cent. There are other options for those who are on a tighter budget to partake in the activities as the cruise canal is a major business in Amsterdam. The four-course meal was based on Indonesian cuisine.  Here is the beyond delicious meal:IMG_2036  This is the first appetizer lychee the fruit, stuffed with cream alongside pepper, pineapple, and coconut flakes.

IMG_2035Here we have the second appetizer which is; a mango chutney and tofu with bean sprouts along with lamb and chicken skewers.


Now we have reached the main course which is; white and coconut yellow rice paired with, fresh seabass, a spiced shrimp pawn, and vegetables.  Inside the miniature bowls in curry seasoned chicken, spiced and shredded white fish and crackers.

IMG_2033Last by not least, Desert. The small yellow item all alone is what the chef advised everyone to eat prior to digging into the desert. This is done intended to clear the palate. The desert was a lychee cake pair with fresh fruit.

The meal, atmosphere, and memories are well worth the euros spent to enjoy this immaculate experience.

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